La Sociedad

Busy with HTML Dog

This is because I am learning HTML and CSS

Column A Column B Column C
Row 1, column 1 Row 1, column 2 Row 1, column 3
Row 2, column 1 Row 2, columns 2 and 3
Rows 3 and 4, column 1 Row 3, column 2 Row 3, column 3
Row 3, column 2 Row 3, column 3

blockquote and q are used for quotations. blockquote is generally used for standalone often multi-line quotations whereas q is used for shorter, in-line quotations.

If you add the line givevaderachuckle = true; to the destroy_planet subroutine and then type ilovejabba into the console, the big bad green Death Star laser will etch Slug Lover! on the planet's surface.

<div id="intro">
    <h1>Some heading</h1>
    <p>Some paragraph paragraph thing thing thingy.</p>

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